Benchmark French Golf Courses

Since 2012 the GEGF, located in Paris, works with Combo Benchmark for GEGF Benchmark of French Golf Courses. These are commercial golf courses that compare their sales in several areas.

Each month over 25 participants enter their data online, and we get data from 90 golf courses, which are part of three chains, whos data is imported to the system. We check data and deliver the individual reports.

The report focuses on period comparison of the current month and the same month of the previous year (MTD and YTD).

“The Combo Benchmark offered by Compare2Compete provides French commercial golf courses with an efficient tool to follow the evolution of the national golf market. Combo Benchmark is most useful for individual courses to benchmark themselves with the market, and for GEGF as a group to present a reliable picture of the importance and evolution of golf business in France.”
J. Tillement
Benchmark French Golf Courses

National Association of Colleges and Employers

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) uses Combo Benchmark since 2015 to process several benchmarks among their members.

NACE Benchmarking consists of several benchmarks among employers and colleges, from ‘career services’ to 'recruiting benchmark surveys’. NACE choose to use Combo Benchmark because of the automatic reporting to participants. For NACE we have built a single sign on which is linked to their backoffice. In their backoffice NACE registers who has access to which benchmark and which functionality. During login this rights are checked by Combo Benchmark and the rights adjusted automatically.

"ComboBenchmark is the most comprehensive benchmarking solution on the market with complete toolset to allow our members to view / export benchmarking results in variety of formats.”
Aijaz Khan
National Association of Colleges and Employers

Benchmark 'Office figures' NOAB

Since 2009 NOAB uses Combo Benchmark for their benchmark ‘Office figures’. Before this, the benchmark was performed manually using Excel and paper. By using of Combo Benchmark the number of participants has increased from 60 up to almost 500. A large part of this group is participating every year.

The benchmark provides insight into the operations of the office, the remuneration and tariffs. The study provides insight into differences between firms of different size and regional location, the current rates, salaries, benefits, costs and revenues.

The benchmark shows the difference between accounting firms and tax consultants. NOAB gets relevant market information.

"One of the most important aspects of collaboration is the unburdening. After our annual reconciliation the total process is carried out by Compare2Compete, from the invitations to provide data, validation of data, to the individual reports. Also, you mark as customer the enthusiasm of Compare to Compete to get started with the project. Equally important is that privacy is guaranteed of participants and the quality of the benchmark itself. We rely on years of expertise of the team of Compare to Compete."
Michel Hamer
Benchmark 'Office figures' NOAB

SRA Benchmark Network organisation of Chartered Auditors

Members of the SRA, the Dutch networkorganisation of indepedent chatered auditors, compare their performances and salary data annually. Since 2009 they use the online tool ‘Combo Benchmark.’ By doing so participants have more options to compare their performances and to optimise their own benchmark. SRA also has fully integrated online benchmarksoftware for efficient conclusion of the whole process.

Important reasons for SRA to make the switch to ‘Combo Benchmark’ were:

  • the clear online questionnaire
  • the option to store historical data
  • the automatic on-screen calculations
  • the option to set up an automatic examiniation of data during data entry
  • the extensive options for reporting
  • the expertise and support of Compare to Compete

"SRA uses 'Combo Benchmark' for the annual business competition among the affiliated accounting firms. We use Combo Benchmark satisfactorily since 2009! Completing the questionnaire is easy and participants can check the results, compare and analyse fully online. And data processing goes very fast. "

Dyonne Langerak
SRA Benchmark Network organisation of Chartered Auditors


VPRA, association for Public Relations and Communication Advice started in 2012 an industry-wide benchmark, with the aim to become the standard in the industry and to help with performance development of its members.

" Compare2Compete has put an excellent step in creating a benchmark for the VPRA. This benchmark is intended to become the standard of the PR industry in the Netherlands and help companies with their performance."
David Gribnau


PEAK-IT makes successfully use of Combo Benchmark since 2012 to benchmark the effectiveness and efficiency of help desks and thus be able to provide its customers with specific advice.

"For Peak-IT Compare2Compete developed the Benchmark for Helpdesks in Combo Benchmark. During this period I met Tonnis as a very skilled man full of enthusiasm and passion. No question was too much and there would always be a solution to the outstanding question.

The Benchmark is well received by our customers. With data from the benchmark, we get a clear overview of the performance of the customer's helpdesk. With this benchmark we give customers insight into the performance of his helpdesk, compared against the industry. If requested we provide advice to improve his helpdesk."

Danny Post

Publisher Weka and advisor Berenschot

Publisher Weka works with Combo Benchmark for the benchmark ‘Key metrics of Staff management ’ since 2009. Besides an extensive questionnaire, divided into modules, we have realized a single sign on for them with their own back-office systems. We have also updated the look and feel of their website so that their customers hardly noticed the difference.

Weka has been conducting this benchmark in collaboration with Berenschot and received more and more requests from participants and non-participants for individual comparison with reference groups. As a result, they started looking for an efficient and effective system. They chose Combo Benchmark.

Together we have achieved an online benchmark. The participant subscribes to the Weka tool. In the back-office Weka indicates what rights a participant should have. During logging in, Combo Benchmark checks what rights the user has and adapts the functionality in our system accordingly.

After severe market research, we have been able to build together with Compare to Compete a market-driven product in a relatively short period of time, which has now been used by hundreds of customers to their fullest satisfaction. The speed and flexibility I've experienced from Compare to Compete contributed greatly to this.

Peter van den Hout
MindCampus (previously Weka Publishers)


Cedris is the association for social employment- and reintegration companies in The Netherlands. The office of Cedris supports and facilitates its members, for example through informing, advising and provision of services. In this context, the office has facilitated a benchmark study among its members for many years. Since 2009 this study is processed using Combo Benchmark. Cedris is very satisfied in using Combo Benchmark. While their benchmark study was facilitated by several advising companies over the years, Cedris insisted on working with Combo Benchmark. By using Combo Benchmark the number of participants of the Cedris benchmarks has increased significantly, from 63 in 2009, to 92 in 2016. The power and the convenience of online query, direct feedback and extensive reporting with selection of reference groups, ensure that the benchmark is used and valued by the members.

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