Assessment Tool

Your online assessments with direct reporting

Discover the power of our advanced Assessment Tool, designed to make your online assessments, evaluations, tests, reviews, scans, audits, valuations, tests, quizzes and much more seamless and efficient. Whether you work in education, business or marketing, our tool is the solution that makes your work easier.

Find out in 15 minutes whether your assessment, audit, scan or other inquiry can be carried out via our Assessment Tool. In a personal conversation with Tonnis van Dam, expert in the field of online inquiry and feedback, you will discuss your wishes and the possibilities that the tool offers.

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Five steps to success


Develop your assessment questionnaire including logic and reporting including conditional advice.


Implement the questionnaire, reports, emails and branding in our Assessment Tool.


Invite relations to take the assessment or ask website visitors to complete the assessment.


Collect data from respondents online and automatically send an individualised report to the respondent and to yourself.


Collect your data into your CRM system and ensure follow-up and conversion.

Main features

Our Assessment Tool has many functions to make your assessment a success.

Your branding

Our tool is available in your branding. You can easily adapt the online questionnaire to your branding by adjusting the style sheet.

User-friendly interface

The Assessment Tool is easy to operate. Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that makes creating, managing and analyzing assessments a breeze. No technical knowledge required. Add a survey yourself, adjust the questionnaire, adjust the email texts and adjust the reporting. With our support and training, implementation is a piece of cake. Of course we can also take care of the implementation.

Flexible questionnaire

The questionnaire contains all types of questions and visibility conditions you need to set up your assessment, scan, check, quiz or whatever. You can position the questions and answers as desired via the design settings. This way you ensure that the user has the optimal user experience.

Instant feedback

Provide direct and immediate individualized feedback and actionable insights to respondents immediately after completing the online questionnaire. The feedback can first be displayed (as a summary) on the screen after submitting the questionnaire, but it can also be sent to the respondent via an extensive report.

Link with CRM system

Link your survey to a CRM system (e.g. Hubspot) for follow-up of respondents. Make sure that the results are also included, so that relevant follow-up can be done based on the results.

Templates available

Several templates are available upon request, including a rating template, quiz template, lead generation template and many more.

Main applications

Lead generation

Our Assessment Tool is a powerful tool for lead generation. Show your knowledge and professionalism by offering compelling assessments to your leads. Gain valuable insights into their status, preferences and needs and tailor your approach to their specific needs.

By adding value in marketing you get more valuable leads. You learn more about the prospects and can approach them more directly about their specific needs, preferences and status. This makes them more likely to become customers and increases your conversion rate.

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Develop an assessment to measure the overall value of an organization. This can include aspects such as business performance, brand strength, customer satisfaction and financial health.


Conduct audits among your members and let them complete the audit themselves as much as possible. They will immediately receive a valuable audit report, of which you will receive a copy. You check randomly whether the audits have been completed correctly. This saves you a lot of time when conducting audits and allows you to focus on those members/customers who need more support.

Or use the Assessment Tool to certify new members. Based on the results, potential members immediately see what they still need to develop to meet the requirements.

Prices and Subscriptions

Bronze Silver Gold
Number of variables
Number of questions and calculations in your questionnaire
25 50 100
Number of respondents per month
Number of questionnaires started
100 250 500
Import questions
You can quickly upload your questionnaire via an import
Own logo/branding
Being able to set your own look and feel
Results on screen
Being able to show results of the assessment immediately after completing it
Results through reporting
Send assessment results by email as PDF
Export data
Be able to export entered data to Excel
Own domain
Customer environment on own domain
Connection to CRM
Connection to your favorite CRM such as HubSpot
Support via email
Our help if you have questions or problems
2 working days 1 working day 1 working day
Training/implementation assistance first month
Help with setting up and getting to know the system
4 hours 8 hours 16 hours
30 days trail
Try it for free for 30 days
Price per month
€ 97 € 197 € 297
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Use cases and best practices

Many customers have already preceded you in using the Assessment Tool for their assessment.

For example, Livework has used the Assessment Tool for lead generation. The lead was led to the online questionnaire via a link on the company's own website. There the lead answered the questions about customer centralization. This gave Livework qualitative information about the lead. After completing the questionnaire, the lead received an extensive report with valuable advice based on his own status.

Firefly also uses the Assessment Tool for lead generation in the same way as Livework. This generated more than 50 leads per month, with which Firefly could make a clear difference in the conversion to customers.

Meaningful and relevant first meetings

“If you need an effective solution sell / insights-driven approach to your top of the funnel MQL acquisition (marketing qualified leads – a lead that takes action), I would recommend the Compare2Compete solution. Their platform works a treat and will enable your Sales team to have more meaningful and relevant first meetings with your prospects. Compare2Compete’s support was amazing and they helped us scope and design both our benchmark and automated report.“

Vincent Ganne, Firefly solutions