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Time for a new way of lead generation

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Really, it's frustrating

You know your offer is spot-on, but your leads don't respond to it. Regularly, you send them information about your services and products, but they don't take action.

Nor will they if you address all leads similarly.

What exactly do you know about your leads? Their email address? Their name? That's about it. You send all your leads the same emails, while knowing nothing about them. No wonder they don't convert.

Time to learn more about your leads

Ask them targeted questions about your area of expertise. Will they answer them? Yes, if they get something in return. If you give your leads something of high value for answering the questions, they will be inclined to fill in the questionnaire. You show the quality of your service by giving a valuable relevant report away for free. Then you tailor your communication to what you know about them. That is bound to result in a better conversion of your leads to customers.

Below are three examples of possible questionnaires and reports. Complete them to get an idea of the power of asking questions.


You are a leadership coach, coaching both novice and advanced leaders. You ask them questions about where they stand on their leadership ladder. You give each lead feedback tailored to their current leadership level with advice on how to get to the next level.

Complete this leadership scan

You are a financial coach and coach entrepreneurs on how to handle money. You ask them questions about how they spend money and determine a money type. You give each lead feedback tailored to the money type with characteristics, pros and cons and tips on how this particular money type can best handle money.

Complete this money quiz

You are a consultant on CO2 and help entrepreneurs in reducing their carbon footprint. You ask them questions about how their CO2 consumption. You give each lead feedback on their own carbon footprint. You compare this to a benchmark. And you give consumption-based advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

Complete this CO2 consumption survey

With a personal demonstration, you get a very quick insight into how to ask your leads relevant questions

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Our Assessment Tool as your lead generation tool

The uniqueness of our tool is that you generate and send a personalised report to the lead based on your lead's answers, fully automated. You collect information about your lead and, as a reward, give him a valuable report. The system does the work and all you have to do is follow up properly and convert the lead to customer.

By giving away part of your knowledge, as a teaser, without compromising your revenue model, the lead becomes acquainted with your services and the barrier to becoming a customer is much lower.

We have conveniently summarised the information in a leaflet, so you can read it again at your leisure.

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What does your lead generation tool look like?

Your lead generation tool includes a licence to our assessment tool. With it, you can create and make available great questionnaires, create state-of-the-art reports and send personal e-mails. After setting up the tool once, the process from questionnaire to report and e-mails is fully automatic. To get you up and running quickly, we have a number of bonuses available for you.

Licence Assessment Tool

  • Customisable branding, so that our tool becomes your product
  • User-friendly interface, so you can do as much as possible yourself
  • Flexible questionnaire, so you can put all your questions in it the way you want to
  • Extensive calculation possibilities, so results are calculated easily and automatically
  • Flexible and powerful reporting, allowing you to create a state-of-the-art report with conditional elements tailored to the lead's answers
  • Customisable and personalised emails, both for sending the report and various follow-up emails

Bonus 1: system setup and training

No need to browse through a system you don't know yourself. We won't leave you out in the cold and help you get started right away. We create an account for you. We go through the entire system with you. We explain the functionality and create the first questions. We create a report template and e-mail template and set up the routing. In short, in one hour you will get a flying start.

Bonus 2: implementation questionnaire

We will give you 4 hours to let us work on your questionnaire. As soon as it is clear what questions you want to ask your leads, we get to work. We implement the questionnaire for you, including routing. We teach you how you can easily make adjustments yourself.

Bonus 3: implementation reporting

We will give you another 4 hours to let us work on your report. Based on an outline created by you, we get to work. We build the report template for you and set up the system so that the report is sent after your lead submits the questionnaire. Here, too, we teach you how to make adjustments yourself easily.

Now, of course, you can get stuck in ‘this probably isn't for me’ mode, give your money to yet another marketer, or keep gambling on your current ways of working. But come on, we both know you're better than that. Why keep muddling along when you can also choose a route that is already proven successful?

Check out the licences and claim your bonus

Who has proceeded you?

"If you need an effective solution and sales/insight-driven approach for your top of the funnel MQL acquisition (marketing qualified leads - a lead that takes action), I recommend Compare2Compete's Assessment Tool. Their platform works great and enables your sales team to have more meaningful and relevant first meetings with your prospects. Compare2Compete's support was great and they helped us define and design both our benchmark and our automated report."

Vincent Ganne, Firefly solutions

"We were looking for something that was 'tasty' for our target group. Something that is easy to complete, something that you really want. Something that draws people to our site. And that the initial follow-up would hardly cost us any work. At Compare2Compete they have the technology to deliver that. Together we brainstormed about how we could combine their technology and analysis capabilities of the tool and our expertise in communication. The gentlemen from Compare2Compete helped us tremendously in developing our quick communication test (website in Dutch only). Because they asked sharp questions, were critical and thought along with us, we now have a lead generator that we are very enthusiastic about. The collaboration went very smoothly and smoothly. So we would like to continue with that!"

René Pastoor, Pastoor BV


The Assessment Tool comes in three versions: bronze, silver and gold. The difference between them is mainly the number of questions and number of participants per month. With the silver and gold version, you also have access to follow-up e-mails and you can work with your own subdomain of your website.


25 questions
per month
(billed annually)
  • 100 respondents / month
  • Own branding
  • State-of-the-art reporting
  • Support
  • Export data
  • 4 hours of training/support
Start 30 days free
+ claim bonuses


50 questions
per month
(billed annually)
  • All in Bronze
  • 150 extra respondents / month
  • Own domain
  • Follow-up emails
  • Link with Hubspot
  • 4 hours of training/support
Start 30 days free
+ claim bonuses


100 questions
per month
(billed annually)
  • All in Silver
  • 250 extra respondents / month
  • 8 hours of training/support
Start 30 days free
+ claim bonuses

The "you won't regret this" guarantee

Brace yourself for success! We stand behind our lead generation tool with 100% confidence.

Still hesitating? I understand, it's a big step.

But here's the deal: don't feel that "wow" we promise? Then we'll simply give you your money back.

Don't get the questionnaire and report done? You guessed it: money back.

Is our direct and fast approach not your thing? No problem: even then you get your money back. We want you to be amazed by the results.

Are you unable to target your leads within six months? Let us know. You get your money back. We want you to be successful and get better leads.

No hassle, no difficult questions.

And just to be clear: what we do here, you won't find anywhere else. Not in the Netherlands, not on this planet. We focus entirely on how you convert more leads. Trust us, this is the difference you're looking for.

Are there still questions haunting your mind?

Take the time to go through the frequently asked questions.

Is this really for me?
  • Lots of leads, low conversion? Check.
  • Knowledge-intensive service provider? Double-check.
  • Ready to convert more leads to customer? Absolutely.
  • See growth potential in every challenge? Always.
  • Fan of marketing that comes straight from the heart, without bla bla? Definitely.
  • Convinced that knowing more of your leads leads to better communication which them? Hope so!

If you nod at everything, then our Assessment Tool is your next smart move to become your best generation tool.

Is it really 30 days free?

Free is free. You get to try our Assessment Tool for free for 30 days. With full support. We help you to be successful.

I don't have a questionnaire yet, is that a problem?

No questionnaire? No stress. In a workshop we will work with you and design a questionnaire where you ask relevant information.

I can continue in the old way, right?

Yes, you can, if it brings you enough success. Successful marketers listen to their leads and adjust their communications accordingly. Why shouldn't you do the same?

Will I really get my money back if I am not satisfied?

After the 30 days free of charge, you will pay for your licence. Should the lead generation tool not bring you the leads you envisaged when you started within six months, we won't make it difficult for you and you will get your money back.

I don't have a report yet, is that a problem?

No report? Together we will develop a report template. Take advantage of the many examples and use your own and our creativity to create a state-of-the-art report.

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